Dolls, Disney, and the Constant Need for Escape…

I grew up with abuse. My family gave me the gift that keeps on giving—lies about my worth and my potential for success.

I knew I would never be enough.

Not good enough.
Not smart enough.
Not thin enough.
Not beautiful enough.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to break away from the negative beliefs that were ingrained during my childhood. Escape from reality seemed to be my only option…but I kept running into the fact that no matter what I did or where I went…

… I couldn’t escape myself!

Then in May of 2014, a tragedy changed my life.

A rollover ATV accident nearly severed my right hand, and in the aftermath, I discovered a secret.

We’ve all been deceived.

The circumstances of our lives have most of us questioning our worth. We wonder if we’ll ever do enough to be enough.

We work hard. We give 110%. We strive to be our best.

And yet, at the end of the day, the lives we’re living are bringing no satisfaction, no joy, no hope for a better future.

We feel beaten down, even broken.

We continually question our worth and wonder if it’s even possible to be happy in our current circumstances.

It can be downright depressing!

But here’s the truth…

You don’t have to be miserable.
Because you get to choose.

That simple truth is the most powerful thing I’ve ever learned.

It changed my life.

Sandra Jarvis Life Coach

Overnight, I went from being bitter and angry - to someone excited about life and motivated to be extraordinary.

I let go of the lies that whispered:

I’m not enough.

I’ll never get what I want.

No one loves me.

I’m broken.

Without the lies, I feel better about myself and the circumstances of my life.  I understand my value and believe in my worth. I’m able to tackle self-doubt and face fears head-on.

I’ve reclaimed the power that was lost in the abuse of my childhood, and I’m using it—every day—to change my thoughts, my feelings, and my actions so I am in control of my destiny.

When I finally said, “Enough Already!” and took control of the lies, everything changed.

I became confident and courageous.

I learned how to contribute to my community in healthy ways.

I built closer connections through clear communication.

I became more conscious of my surroundings, and began celebrating the beauties of this world.

For the first time in my life, I’m content with who I am and happy with the direction my life is heading.

And today, I’m helping create change in the lives of hundreds of other women. Women just like you.

Are you ready to sever your lies, make lasting change, and find purpose and peace in your daily activities?

Join me in ENOUGH ALREADY, the subscription coaching program

where we tackle your lies and reclaim your power.

Your life will never be the same.

A Little Bit About Me

Love all things Disney—especially Disneyland

Addicted to chocolate—really addicted!

Favorite title is Grandma

Believe dolls have feelings—like Andy on Toy Story

The violin was my first love

Reached my goal of becoming a published author with the release of “Severed: A Memoir of Hope and Healing” on June 1, 2019