Dream Big

9-Dream Big

  In today’s episode, Sandra continues the conversation about being good enough. She talks about imposter syndrome, where it comes from, and how to get over it by looking toward the future instead of the past. Today’s Affirmation: My worth and my value has nothing to do with my past—or my future—except what I make […]

Good Enough

8-Good Enough

  You are enough. That’s what this episode is all about. Join Sandra as she asserts that you have what it takes to reach your goals and live your dreams–because you’re enough. Period. Today’s Affirmation: I am enough. I am good enough, strong enough, smart enough, and I can become whoever I want to be. […]

My Masterpiece

7-My Masterpiece

  Years ago, an article written by Glennon Doyle was published in the Huffington Post. It was entitled, “Your Body is not Your Masterpiece, Your Life Is.” It’s such a simple statement, but so profound. Today, Sandra discusses what it means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to discover your life purpose without turning to […]

Perfect or Perfection

6-Perfect or Perfection

  In this episode, Sandra compares the human journey to a rose. If you don’t come away from this episode believing that you’re already perfect, then you weren’t listening… Today’s Affirmation: I am always–and in all ways–greater than I think I AM. Interested in scheduling a complimentary consult? Use this link to get started! https://calendly.com/sandra-jarvis-coaching/45-minute-consult-call

Bitter or Better

5-Bitter or Better

  “You either get better or you get bitter. It’s simple. You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person or you allow it to tear you down. The choice does not belong to fate. It belongs to you!” This quote is what our episode today […]

Victims & Villians

4-Victims and Villians

  Is it possible for victims and villains to simply be part of the human experience? Join Sandra in this episode as she explores the idea that being a victim or being a villain are both just opportunities for learning and growth. Today’s Affirmation: Today I choose to believe that being a victim or being […]

TRUTH vs. true


  In this episode, Sandra defines the difference between Big T Truth and little t true–or judgement. She shares examples of both, as well as her personal struggle with letting go of the judgement of her transgender daughter. If you’ve ever struggled to let go of judgement, this episode is for you! Today’s Affirmation: Whenever […]

Your Lies

  Join the conversation as Sandra discusses 5 lies we tell ourselves on a regular basis. And when you’re done listening, head over to sandrajarviscoaching.com to download the ebook, “5 Lies that are Keeping You Stuck.” Today’s Affirmation: Truth is my guiding light—so today I’ll look for opportunities to embrace truth and let go of […]

Drop the Facade

1-Drop the facade

  In this episode, Sandra discusses what it means to “Drop the Facade” and why it’s an important step to living a better life. She shares personal insights from her own life, and an affirmation to carry with you throughout the day. Today’s Affirmation: Just for today, I’ll surrender my judgments and open my heart […]