Five Reasons to say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

Woman gazing at ocean
Summer can be a difficult time for women. Bathing suits, beaches, vacation photos, meeting up with old friends–activities that tend to trigger feelings of: I’m not enough. I have no value. I don’t really matter. And since most

Good Enough!

This past week has been crazy busy for me! I’ve been running a Facebook challenge called the Good Enough Self-Care Challenge and it was much more popular than I ever imagined it would be! Nearly 500 people joined the challenge

Lay Claim to Hope and Healing

Another Anniversary A couple of weeks ago was my 5th handiversary, the anniversary of the accident wherein I nearly lost my right hand. This past week was another anniversary for me. The 28th anniversary of my father’s passing. Neither of

Confident or Crazy?

Confident or Crazy There are days when I am confident and feel unstoppable with this journey I find myself on. I’m passionate about helping women with a history of trauma or abuse understand the truth about themselves–that they have intrinsic


Motherhood Dreams It’s Mother’s Day. I have do say, I’ve done a lot of hard things in my life, but I think I can say with complete confidence that the hardest of them all has been being “Mom.” When

Happy 5th Handiversary to Me

It’s crazy, I know, but today is my 5th Handiversary…5 years since the day I severed my right hand. Five years since I left behind the turmoil and claimed purpose and peace as my own. My life has changed in

The Secret to Happiness and Peace

The Key To Happiness Most of us operate under the assumption that the more choices we have available to us, the better off we are. We’re more likely to get what we want if we have more freedom, more autonomy,


Yesterday, I saw a post from one of my friends about judgment. This friend has dealt with some health issues that have made her life difficult. When I read her post, my heart went out to her because I’ve been

6 Tips for Believing in Yourself

6 Tips for Believing in Yourself I’m often asked, “How can I believe in myself more? How can I have less fear and more confidence?” It’s a great question. Sometimes, life knocks us down and we struggle to get back

A Kintsugi Life

A Kintsugi Life In July 2017, I attended the Haven Retreat, an amazing program for survivors of childhood sexual abuse that is hosted by The Younique Foundation.  You can read about my retreat experience here. It was amazing and I