Are you ready to create peace on purpose?


Pillars of Peace

love yourself

love your body

love your neighbor


What is life coaching?

You take care of your body by going to the gym and getting regular physical check-ups.

You take care of your vehicles with regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs.

You take care of your home by cleaning and caring for it, inside and out.

But your mind–which could be considered your greatest asset–is often ignored.

Life coaching is mental maintenance. It’s how you take care of your brain. A life coach can help you identify your limiting beliefs–the beliefs that are holding you back and the fears that are keeping you stuck–so you can create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Life coaching is a powerful and valuable investment in you.

So, if you want more confidence, hire a coach. If you feel stuck, hire a coach. If you need help to navigate life’s challenges,  hire a coach. If you want more energy, hire a coach. If you’re struggling to understand your faith, hire a coach. If you want to live more authentically, hire a coach…

And if you’re ready to create purpose and peace in your life–the kind of peace that sticks no matter how much turmoil is going on in the world– sign up for a free consult today.  Because I can show you how. 


Creating peace on purpose…

Everyone struggles in some area of life.

As humans, you are born with an inner voice that often whispers, “You’re not enough.” And when you hear it, you believe it. 

Then you start to doubt yourself and your abilities.

You over analyze every word you say.

 You worry about looking stupid or not fitting in.

You long for confidence, but worry that you just don’t measure up…and fear you never will.

But what if that voice is wrong? What if you are enough? How much peace would follow if you believed in your worth–inside and out?

In this program, you’ll learn how to combat the voice, whether it’s quietly undermining your confidence or attacking your spirit with its incessant screams.

Understanding and developing the four Pillars of Peace will give purpose to your life and transform you into the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

And when that happens, your satisfaction with life transforms, too. Contact me today to start living a life filled with purpose and peace.


What you receive…

Purpose on Peace is a one-on-one coaching program with Certified Life Coach, Sandra Jarvis. In each session, we focus on  different coaching topics and apply them to your current struggles. You’ll leave each week with powerful tools and a greater understanding of how to create purpose and peace in the upcoming week. Through deep introspection, weekly assignments, and the power of accountability, you’ll come to understand the energy you are creating and how it’s affecting your life today. Through six months of transformative lessons, you’ll build the foundation you need to succeed in whatever area you choose.

As a bonus, the Energy Leadership Index Assessment will be administered with a 2-hour session to debrief your results. This is a powerful tool for measuring the energy you’re currently creating in your life. 

Week 1: Judgment and Peace

How judgment affects our peace and what we can do about it.

Week 2: Truth or True

Defining the difference between absolute truth and subjective truth–and understanding why it matters.

Week 3: Peace and Emotions

Gain a better understanding of how your emotions affect the peace you feel and how your energy will determine the kind of life you build for yourself.

Week 4: Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Take the ELI Assessment and get detailed information about the energy you are currently creating and how to use it to transform your life.

Week 5: The Confidence Model

Gain a better understanding of how Thoughts, Emotions, and Action work together. Receive The Confidence Model–a process you can use to resolve any problem in your life.

...and so much more!

Weeks 6-12 continue with topics like Unconditional Love, People Pleasing, and Values. This program is packed with tools to help you create the life you were meant to live while becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

Coaching Packages

Phase One: 26 individual sessions

Learn all the basics of how energy is created and how it affects the peace we feel each day. The focus is on changing your  Thoughts–Energy–Action.


per 60-minute session

6-month commitment required


Phase Two: Continue learning at your pace

Continued support as you create the life you want to live and discover what it’s like to create peace on purpose. Clients must complete Phase One before entering Phase Two.


per 60-minute session



About Me

Sandra Jarvis is the owner of Sandra Jarvis Coaching. She has coached many women individually and in groups to improve their lives as they face life’s challenges and learn to create energy to do the things that matter. She is an IPEC Certified Life Coach, a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index, and a member of the International Coaching Federation. She  uses both her training and her personal experiences to show others what is possible in their own lives.