If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.

The future you want is closer than you think.

At Good Enough University, our mission is to tutor women in confidence and self-love.

In fact, the number one principle we’re founded on is 

Love More, Judge Less

and that applies to you, first and foremost.

Each month, we focus on principles designed to help you sever your lies, embrace your worth, and reclaim your power–like choices, connection, contribution, confidence, careers, commerce, celebrations, and more.

Now is the time to face the anxieties and insecurities that have held you back and kept you from seeing your worth so you can become the confident woman you’ve always wanted to be.

Good Enough University isn't magic.

GOOD ENOUGH UNIVERSITY isn’t a quick fix for all of your problems.
GOOD ENOUGH UNIVERSITY isn’t a place to hide behind your insecurities and blame others for your issues.

GOOD ENOUGH UNIVERSITY is a new way of thinking about life.
GOOD ENOUGH UNIVERSITY is full of tools to help you sever the lies you tell yourself to prove you’re not enough.
GOOD ENOUGH UNIVERSITY is a place where you can embrace your worth, reclaim your power, and begin to build the future you deserve.

So how long do you want to be miserable?

Because you get to choose!

Your membership fee includes the following:

Learn a new Life Skill during the virtual class taught on the 1st Tuesday of each month
Download the Life Skills Workbook with daily assignments to keep you on track toward creating a powerful new habit
Study a new principle every month in BECOMING U, a spiritually based lecture series taught on the 3rd Tuesday of each month
Participate in homework assignments to help you implement the concepts taught in the BECOMING U lecture series
✔ Twice a month, attend LIVE Q&A/COACHING calls to get help with the current topics
Access two online courses: The Power of Choice and Master Your Energy
Post a question to Sandra anytime in the Ask Sandra Q&A Forum
View all ongoing questions and answers in the Ask Sandra Q&A Forum
Sign-up for LIVE One-on-One Coaching each month where you can receive help with any problem you’re facing
Receive recorded access to calls and classes in case you can’t attend live
✔ Get the exclusive ‘Monday Magic’ membership emails with affirmations, bonus content,  special offers and more!
✔ Have complete access to all membership content for as long as you remain a member
Cancel anytime (minimum one month required) with 14-day notice
No refunds or pro-rated memberships will be given for any reason

And the best part is...

When you change on the inside and start loving and taking care of you, you’ll start to see changes on the outside, too.

Before coaching: There’s you today.

After coaching: There’s you feeling confident and purposeful, showing up better in your life and preparing for the future you want to live, instead of just allowing life to happen to you..


Are you ready to create a little magic in your life?

What are you waiting for?

Let's get started!

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