Sandra teaches how to:

  • Sever Your Lies—the ones that hold you back and make you believe you aren’t enough
  • Embrace Your Worth—the truth about your intrinsic value
  • Reclaim Your Power—to start creating the beautiful and fulfilling life you deserve
  • Choose Your Journey—because life is really about the things you choose to create for yourself

These messages are woven throughout several different topics and titles which focus on inspiring and motivating others to have hope amid the challenges of life.

Topics & Titles

In 2014, Sandra nearly severed her right hand in a roll-over ATV accident. The experience changed her life. After a lifetime spent in misery because of the abuse of her childhood and the continued challenges in her adult life, she discovered that the power to choose the way she would live her life was right inside her own head—and that finding purpose and peace was simply a matter of making a choice. In this presentation, Sandra shares how her severed hand helped her identify and sever the lies that held her back and made her feel like she wasn’t enough. Her story inspires others to examine their own beliefs to see if the things that are making them miserable can be changed from within.

Dealing with her own childhood sexual abuse, her husband’s pornography addiction, and the choices her children made that didn’t align with her own values, Sandra sought an answer to the question, “How do I hold my family together when everything seems to be falling apart?” The answer came in the form of another question, “What if love were your only motive?” In this presentation, Sandra shares the changes that happened within her family when she surrendered the control she thought she had, and traded it for unconditional love. This message leaves the audience contemplating, “What if love were MY only motive?”

In this presentation, Sandra shares her Big One theory, and how living with the understanding that life is about 50% positive and 50% negative has led her to give 100% effort in everything she does.  What would it be like if the individuals in your group faced adversity with integrity and grit? What if they were willing to do whatever it took to accomplish their goals? What if they understood that life is full of challenges and joys and both are equally important in building healthy and happy relationships? That’s what you’ll learn with Sandra’s Life is 50-50 presentation.

Christian Topics & Titles

In 2014, an ATV accident nearly severed Sandra’s right hand. In the months and years that followed, Sandra underwent 20 surgeries, contracted four staph infections, spent more than 35 nights in the hospital, did hundreds of hours of physical therapy, and went to countless doctors appointments. During that time, her faith carried her, knowing that if she followed the instructions of her surgeon, she would eventually return to her normal activities. In this presentation, Sandra compares the experiences she had with her surgeon to the experiences available to each of us with Jesus Christ, the Master Healer. This faith based speech will have your congregation laughing and crying as they relate to the difficulties and challenges of life.

A hope-filled message teaching women that no matter who they are and no matter what they’ve done, in this moment, they are perfect—EXACTLY THE WAY THEY ARE! Sandra uses the metaphor of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken objects with golden glue, to illustrate how our problems, our challenges, our mistakes, our mortality, don’t make us less valuable. Instead, they are part of the history and healing that makes us even better than we were before.  

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