Life Coach for Women

Helping you get from overwhelmed and unsettled to confidently living a life filled with purpose and peace
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What my clients are saying…

Last year was the first time I had ever heard the term Life Coach.  My first thought was what is this new age thing? Well, today I am glad I gave Sandra an opportunity to coach me! It has truly changed how I think and feel and has made my life better in so many ways! Sandra is amazing at sharing different approaches and perspectives on how I look at the many complex situations that come to me on a daily basis.  As a business owner, and in my personal life, I’ve learned that I can control my thoughts and feelings, which gives me all the power over how I react to life.  I can be happy regardless of what life throws at me! Thank you, Sandra, for your patience in teaching me and helping me understand each principal. 

Clara A.

Coaching with Sandra gave me insights into myself that I hadn’t had previously. I’ve done years of work to understand my issues, but after just a few sessions with Sandra, I uncovered problems and discovered solutions that had never before occurred to me. Sandra gets it. She’s done the work, too, and because of that, she can be empathetic while still holding you accountable for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. I found her coaching to be a powerful tool in creating better relationships with myself, as well as other people. Do yourself a favor and hire Sandra! You’ll be glad you made the investment in both time and money!

Shelice M.

Sandra’s kind energy and good humor made it easy and felt safe for me to open up and explore some uncomfortable relationships. Her insights helped me recognize the disempowering thoughts and behaviors I held in relation with others, and challenged me to step out of existing patterns towards more constructive alternatives. I find now that I am able to sustain this by myself and feel quite open towards situations that caused me significant anxiety in the past. I would highly recommend Coaching with Sandra.

Arti P.

 When I started coaching with Sandra, I knew there were deep-seated fears and anxieties holding me back. The voice of my gremlin was so loud, I knew if I let it out, I’d sink into the depths of quicksand like you never saw on Gilligan’s Island. The story I’d been telling myself was that I was a failure–as a business owner, a mother, a partner. The carcass of my life was laid out before me, taunting me, telling me to give up and give in. The dreams were too big–the price to high to pay. 

From Sandra, I’ve learned that there’s no dream too big. There’s no work too hard. We just have to show up and be willing. Once I changed my perceptions about the circumstances of my life, I realized that I can create anything I want. I simply have to align my thoughts  and feelings to take massive action. This realization has changed me. It’s changed my relationships, my desires, my dreams, my abilities to make things happen. And it all began with the teachings that were introduced in Sandra’s program. 

Should you hire her? Hell yes! There’s no amount of time or money that could adequately repay her for the lessons I’ve learned through her coaching.

Tiffany A.

 My coaching sessions with Sandra have been great! She helped teach me tools to change my mindset, energy, focus and perceptions as a starting point to changing my life. Within weeks, I was seeing a positive change in me, my family members– and in the lives of those around me as a result of my inner peace. Sandra is very a kind and patient individual and I am thankful for her help and her excellent example.

Jessica R.

Working with Sandra has been a very eye opening, humbling experience. She has helped me to recognize my strengths while working on my weak areas. I have grown emotionally and spiritually. She was easy to open up to and her kindness is evident in her approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone! 
Lara L.

I hired Sandra to help me work through some challenging situations in my life. Through her coaching, I gave myself permission to be me–and therefore, to live my life the way I want to rather than living for other people. Sandra was kind –but straightforward–and encouraging while still allowing me to discover the answers to my own problems. She has given me the tools I need to create confidence on the inside so I can live authentically on the outside. Her coaching changed me in so many ways that I recommended her to my sister, too! If you’re looking to find more peace in your life, you can’t go wrong with Sandra as your coach.
Desiree M.

Sandra is an eloquent teacher and a gifted coach. She is a master at helping you see yourself in a different light so you can let go of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. My confidence has been steadily improving during the past year and I’m accomplishing things I never thought possible before. I am so grateful for the influence Sandra’s had in my life.
Marie L.

I did a group coaching program with Sandra over the summer, and for a few reasons, I didn’t continue with coaching when the group sessions were complete. Several months later, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and lost and running back to her because I realized I need outside guidance. She’s given me a new perspective on my circumstances (once again) and now, I feel like I can control my own destiny. I feel peace and joy in my life that I never had before her coaching influence in my life! (To be totally transparent, she’s my mom, so she’s been influencing me for a long time! But since training to be a Certified Coach, her ability to keep our mother/daughter relationship separate from our coaching relationship has been amazing! That should be a great testament of her coaching skills!) If you’re struggling with your circumstances, I highly recommend hiring her to elevate your confidence and create peace in your life.
Kayla G.