You Were Born to be Happy...

It's what you've always wanted--

But after a lifetime of giving to others, you sometimes question what that even means.

You feel empty inside and don’t really know who you are.

You see the smiling faces of those around you and wonder what you’re missing.

You know it's up to you to create your own happiness, but you're not sure how to do it.

The YOU you once were seems to have disappeared...

Somewhere deep inside, you hear a voice that whispers:

"There's more for you than this!"

But you're not sure what to believe, especially without your happy.


You'll define your own brand of happiness as you:

Begin to love more and judge less.

Increase in confidence and self-love.

Improve your personal relationship with God.

Recognize the values that govern your life.

Embrace your worth and reclaim your power.

Claim the gift of choice and choose to show up for YOU.

A beautiful and confident version of you is waiting just around the corner.

It's time...

This is your journey...


Here's What My Clients Say:

International Coach Federation Member Sandra Jarvis Life Coach Mesa Arizona
Certified Professional Life Coach Sandra Jarvis Mesa Arizona
Master Practitioner Energy Leadership Sandra Jarvis Life Coach Mesa Arizona

Severed: A Memoir of Hope & Healing

Severed: a Memoir of Hope and Healing is the powerful true story of finding hope amid life’s challenges. It provides proof that even in life’s darkest moments, peace is available, perhaps even plentiful.

As you read, you’ll learn how I changed from a bitter and angry woman, to someone filled with happiness and living out my dreams every day.

You can do the same. Let go of the apathy, the anger, the insecurities–whatever is holding you back–and define what happiness means to you. 

You don’t have to go through a tragic accident to change. Read the book and check out my coaching programs today!

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Ready To Take Control?

Ready To Take Control?